Monthly Nutrition Tips

by Kristine May, BSHS,NTP

Hi!  I have developed a passion for holistic health through her own experience in healing. As one who has had personal struggles with health, she offers compassion and empathy as she works hand in hand with you on improving your health. Kristine is a Nutritional Therapist for the West Clinic.  She has complete confidence in nutrition and its ability to transform our bodies.  She uniquely tailors dietary guidance to best support each of your needs.  She is constantly furthering her education and sharing this wealth of knowledge with you. She will use her time, skill and knowledge to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Check this page often for her nutrition tips!

Detoxification: Prep Work

By: Kristine May, BSHS,NTP

We live in a world that is overrun with toxins of all kinds - Environmental pollutants, food additives, chemical manipulations, etc. As toxins build up in our bodies, they alter the healing capabilities that are so vital for optimal health. This compromise creates dysfunction. This can show up in many ways for us – an overactive immune system, endocrine and hormonal dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammation and cancer (just to name a few…). Many people are unaware that toxins can also create emotional imbalances for us. Anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, or feelings of being overwhelmed are common for toxic bodies. Before initiating any kind of a detoxification protocol, it is imperative that your elimination pathways are supported and functioning. It is also important that you understand what organs are responsible for elimination and play a role in detoxification and where they are located so that you can best support yourself. I believe that knowledge is power. I also believe in the body’s ability to voice a need when it requires attention. Listen to your body! Pay attention to sharp pains, aches, cramps, etc. This is your body’s cry for help. Elimination pathways act as filters to your body – disposing of wastes and keeping the nutritive properties that keep us going. The bowels, located all throughout your abdomen, are a life giving force that absorbs nutrients from your food and eliminate toxins through solid waste. The liver, located in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen, filters everything that passes through it. What a job! This is why so many people deal with sluggish and congested livers. The Kidneys, located in the back of our abdominal cavity, eliminate water soluble toxins through urination. Sometimes when people have a lot of lower back pains, the culprit can actually be the kidneys. The lungs also serve as a detox pathway through coughing up any inhaled toxins you may be exposed to. The mucous membranes of the body (eyelids, nostrils, ears, genitals, etc.) and the skin also aid in detoxification purposes.

Before You Start

Before starting on your detox, gut healing and liver cleansing is vital in order to prep our bodies for what is to come. Ensuring those elimination pathways are functioning is vital for any successful detox. It may take a month or longer to heal these pathways, depending on how your system is running. If you feel like you are still struggling with digestion, please hold off on the detox. If you start releasing toxins into a system that can’t dispose of them properly, many times this can create unpleasant symptoms and cause more harm than good.

Avoiding Constipation

Maintaining healthy, regular bowel movements is one of the most important elements in any detox. Keeping things moving is crucial! If you are struggling with constipation, your body may have a harder time with toxin disposal. I recommend improving this BEFORE starting your detox.

Heal the Gut, Heal the Body

For the next several weeks, try to implement these changes into your routine:

Morning:  First thing in the morning, eat ¼ - ½ cup of shredded raw red beets with fresh lemon juice squeezed on top. When I tell people to do this, they usually look at me like I am crazy, however, most people love this once starting it and want to continue. This concoction is not only a superfood, but it also helps to stimulate bile production in our bodies, cut through grime and grease and break food down into smaller particles. Bile helps the body to absorb the breakdown of fat and transports wastes for disposal. Many people are deficient in bile.

P.S. when you implement this, it is very normal to have red or purple stools because of the bright red color of the beets. Please do not confuse this with something more serious. Because of the visibility of these beets, it very useful for tracking the transit time of your digestive tract. Normal transit time is
anywhere from 12-24 hours. If you don’t see the beets for over 24 hours after eating them, then take comfort in the fact that this gut healing protocol is just what you need.

Meals: Avoid all gut-inflaming foods. These include – grains (especially wheat/gluten), dairy, starches,
refined sugars, processed foods, vegetable oils (canola, corn, etc.) and legumes. Eating a nutrient rich diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and quality protein / healthy fats is key for gut healing. Avoid alcohol, coffee and energy drinks (that one might hurt, but it is so essential).

In between meals: L-glutamine is a powerful gut healing amino acid. One of the single most important supplements for healing the digestive lining, it offers potent properties necessary for the growth and repair of the gut’s mucosal lining. It's excellent for healing because it helps to rebuild the intestinal junctions that have become weak, loose, and permeable.

HCl Digestive Enzymes: Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes are beneficial because they help break down your food so that you can absorb and assimilate it. Many struggle with insufficiency of these and are not getting the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids their bodies are screaming for. Zypan (Standard Process) or HCl Balance (Nature’s Nx) + SuperGest (Enzyme Process) are really great options for this support.

Probiotics: A high colony count probiotic is essential when trying to improve your digestive health. For
the next few weeks get one that has at least 50 billion CFU’s. The Good Guys probiotic (Nature’s Nx) is my favorite. It is 100 billion CFU’s and enteric coated to ensure delivery into the colon. Healthy flora balance is essential to healing.

Hydrate: Drink ½ your body weight in ounces every day. Water is something that is often overlooked, but can be the simplest solution. Many people struggle with dehydration. In order for our mucous membranes to heal, we must have adequate water intake. Do not drink distilled water. It is empty water and has all of the life-giving properties of water stripped away from it. Drink spring water, artesian water, etc. instead.

Fermented Foods: Getting in foods that are high in live cultures is very beneficial to the gut. Fermented vegetables, like Sauerkraut (Bubbie’s is a great brand), once a day is a good idea. Other options are kefir, kimchi, kombucha, etc. Be careful not to overdo it on kombucha, however, especially if you struggle with Candida tendencies.

Bone Broth / Vegetable Broth: Right before bed each night drink ¼-1 cup of bone broth or a gut healing vegetable broth. This step is very important for gut healing. The nutrients contained in broth are bio- available in an easy to digest form and the high amino acid content is superb for healing the gut lining. The benefit to drinking this right before bed is this – You have no food going through your system for 8- 10 hours (preferably you are sleeping…) so the broth can really stimulate repair in your digestive tract. An added benefit – it usually also helps people get a more restful night’s sleep! Making your own bone broth of vegetable broth is simple. I will provide a few of my favorite recipes for these. If you are always on the run with no time to make your own, there is a wonderful Bone Broth product called “Bonafide Bone Broth”. It is in the freezer section of natural health food stores. Bone broth off the shelf in the store is not sufficient for what we are trying to do.

We Are on to Great Things….

If you are consistent with your efforts to heal your digestive lining, you will notice a huge difference in how you feel and it will prepare your digestive tract for detoxification. Remember, some people may need to be on this protocol longer than others. It is important to listen to your body. If you are still not regular or if you are having digestive dysfunction, please wait to start your detox protocol.

If you feel like you need additional help in this journey, please don’t hesitate to ask for it! Schedule a consult. It can be challenging to change your diet and lifestyle so having the support of a knowledgeable nutritional therapist is ideal.

Call 208-232- 3216 to schedule with Kristine May, BSHS, NTP and let’s get you ready to DETOX!

Welcome to West Clinic

The West Clinic staff is committed to putting 110% of their energy every day into making you, the patient, better—and giving you the absolute BEST in care. Most practices make the same claims. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We’re not just committed to you from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm when the clinic is open, but work to deliver value in all kinds of ways. Dr. J and his staff work at the clinic, but they also go to seminars to learn more, and work at home LONG after the clinic is closed. They practically work every waking hour in efforts to make you better.


Did you know that your body has an incredible healing factor, if given the chance? That’s right. These incredible machines have been built with the ability to withstand almost anything that is thrown at them. The problem is, we sabotage our bodies so they are unable do what they were designed to do.

What we do at the West Clinic is help turn on that natural healing ability of your body. By finding the underlying causes of the sabotage and treating them, we can put your body in balance, and create a strong foundation for good health and increased performance. Remember, it is all about making you as healthy as you possibly can be.

To do this, the West Clinic is a complete “one-stop” natural health care center. With services such as examination, blood-tests, high-resolution blood morphology, digital X-ray, and bio-resonance testing, we can provide you with the absolute best care, and put you on the road to more energy, longevity, and a balanced life.

IV Nutrition Therapy

Many of our patients are so depleted of essential nutrients, that they cannot place their bodies into a favorable position to heal. If you are struggling with chronic disease, infectious pathogens invading, autoimmune disorders, or chronic pain, it is vital for the body to attain the proper nutrients needed for healing.

Taking nutritional medicine by IV allows
for greater absorption by the cells. Absorption is a process that depends
on what biochemists call the concentration gradient, which means that the
nutrients must be in a higher concentration outside the cell as compared to
inside the cell.
If your cells are sick, however, they may not be able to transport the nutrients
in sufficient quantities to restore their health. Thus, nutrients must be given
in a concentration high enough to force the nutrients (nutritional medicines)
that you need into your cells. As the concentration level increases outside of
your cell, your cell wall allows nutrients in. You literally heal from the inside
out with IV Nutrition Therapy.

Major Auto-hemotherapy (MAH) involves the injection of medical
grade ozone gas into your drawn blood. The ozone is allowed to mix with the
blood for a period of time. The ozonated blood then passes through an ultra-
violet blood irradiation light which stimulates the immune system, destroys
and inhibits infectious pathogens, activates white blood cells, and has incred-
ible anti-inflammatory effects. Then your blood is intravenously infused back
into your body. When ozone is injected into the treated sample of blood it
destroys any pathogens and when it is injected back into the person it has the
effect of an autogenous (self-generated) vaccine. Major Auto-hemotherapy
has a cumulative effect so that each treatment builds on and enhances the
effects of previous treatments. Major Auto-hemotherapy when combined with
Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVB) synergistically amplifies the effectiveness
of both therapies.

We are dedicated to assisting people in leading healthier lives by
strengthening their immune systems. The best way to accomplish this goal is
to support the immune system by increasing immune response. Our highly
effective and innovative Ulatraviolet Blood Therapy is one of the best ways
to accomplish this goal. The UVLrx system is a safe therapy in which three
ultraviolet light wavelengths are delivered directly into the vain through a
fiber optic catheter. The benefits of this therapy are numerous. This therapy
is a revolutionary approach to immune system support and is truly one of a
kind. Over the past few decades, each wavelength has undergone extensive
clinical evaluation and has been found to be a superior therapy for increasing
immune response and for deactivating pathogens to cleanse the blood.

Chelation therapy uses chelating agents for the purpose
of eliminating from the body undesirable substances such as heavy metals,
chemical toxins, mineral deposits, and fatty plaques. The word “chelate” is de-
rived from the Greek language and means “claw”. The chelating agent actually
encircles a mineral or metal ion and carries it from the body. Chronic ex-
posure comes from amalgam dental fillings (which are about 50% mercury),
lead in paint, tap water, chemical residues in processed foods, and cosmetics.

For more than 40 years, chelation therapy has been used to treat conditions
such as cardiovascular disease, diabetic arterial disease, decreased mental
function from vascular disease and intermittent claudication (leg pains during
exercise). Time to clean the drain and dispose of these unwanted substances!

Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food.  -Hippocrates

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